“I enjoy sharing my art work¬†hoping to inspire others tap into their creativity and convey that same sense of peace and beauty.”


Hello. Bonjour.

I’m Gabrielle, the face behind the art!

I’m a watercolor artist, designer and creative entrepreneur. I’m originally from the beautiful region of Provence, France and now live in Hawaii.

Passionate about art, all things holistic and mindfulness. I’ve been an artist at heart my whole life. I love painting and creating since I was young but I started watercolor only in 2020. Gradually it turned from a thing I did to relax to something that I do full time now!

I enjoy sharing my passion for watercolor and my creative journey on Instagram @gabrielleangelacreations. You can find my creations on my Etsy Shop from art prints, stationery, stickers and more.

Couple more things about me:

– My favorite colors are ultramarine and rose madder lacquer from Sennelier.

– I’m selectively social.

– I love animals. I have two cats and I rescue homeless cats.

– My favorite artist is Claude Monet, “I must have flowers, always, and always.” I so agree with him!

– I’m highly intuitive and sensitive to energies.

– My favorite time of the day to paint is early morning when the light is soft.

– I enjoy living by the ocean and close to nature, which are my biggest sources of energy and inspiration.

Thank you for being here and supporting my art!

Gabrielle xx


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